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What The Hell Is A Community Manager?

The key to a successful social media page is to make sure you have a plan. Specifically, it’s crucial that you have a strategy to build your fan base, experiment with promotional opportunities (including paid advertising) and customise your content to build brand awareness.

Although there’s a lot to consider when growing a successful Facebook page, the rewards of brand exposure, loyal fans and increased revenue are well worth your time and effort!

A community manager acts as an anchor, which prevents a community from drifting.

One way to streamline the time and resources that you put into your social media pages is to assign a community manager. A community manager is an admin of your page who is responsible for managing the page and making sure it’s running smoothly. If you have multiple admins on your page, the community manager is ultimately responsible for managing them as well.

Most small to large businesses that have a social media presence should consider assigning a community manager. The community manager should be aware of the company’s social media strategy and be well-qualified to execute that plan on a daily basis on your page.

So What Does a Community Manager Actually Do?

  1. Primarily they represent the customer by being a Community Ambassador. In practice, this means listening to and engaging with customers by responding to their needs.

  2. Naturally, they are brand guardians. Promoting events, products and content to a community is something every community manager will do.

  3. They are required to have quality communication skills. Community managers have knowledge of the communications tools used on social media platforms, and also have the competence to use them.

  4. They gather community input for strategic use. While keeping the community alive and up to date, community managers are also facilitating a conversation between customers and, for example, a product team, providing feedback where needed.

If you think you may need a Community Manager for your social platforms, get in touch with me for a quote.

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