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social media

In the UK alone, approximately 45% of online adults use Twitter; over 1 billion people are on Instagram and 78% of over 18s use Facebook.


Social media is no longer merely just entertainment for young people or a way to connect with your auntie who lives in New Zeland; it is a gamechanger in the marketplace that is here to stay, and your business needs to use these platforms to maximise its exposure in the modern world.

Working with established and start-up brands alike, I can offer client dedication and flexibility that traditional companies often struggle to provide.​

social media assets

I can produce social-ready assets by taking a design concept from the client and tidying it up before it is sent out into the world. This may involve reworking or fixing the design, including colours, typography, placements and any inconsistencies. I have a great eye for detail and can spot potential problems with designs that are intended to be used across a variety of media, including digital design and graphics for websites, e-marketing and digital media

community management

Creating unique and responsive content in your unique tone of voice, sharing/acting on feedback about your business, engaging with influencers & paid social media campaigns. I can offer monthly content calendars (where you add content to the platform) or I can directly manage the social media accounts on your behalf.

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