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The Marketing Mistakes You Don't Want To Make

Digital marketing is adapting and adopting new goals and objectives on a daily basis during the pandemic. But how often do you still see the same marketing mistakes happening during the Coronavirus crisis?

I’ve highlighted below my top five brand marketing mistakes. In the hope that I’ll never have to see these mistakes made again!

Neglecting SEO

Optimising search engines is absolutely key to building brand exposure and organic traffic volumes. Many digital marketing businesses fail to stay as reactive and proactive as possible when it comes to SEO implementation, where the focus should be on quality content, keywords, backlinks, structured URLs, and image optimisation, to name a few.

Blogging. Just because.

Businesses should only publish high-quality and valuable pieces of content for the benefit of exactly that: the business and its relevant audiences. This will help to generate leads and see positive ROI coming through, rather than only posting blogs or other pieces of content because of positive hearsay. Refreshing your website with relevant, informative content will increase your strength and chances of ranking well on search engines.

Trying to achieve overnight, instant success.

Anyone working in digital marketing knows that it takes time. Business owners and clients can get demotivated and unenthused if immediate results are not happening as soon as a plan has been implemented. Campaigns can be a slow burner. I suggest patience, staying open-minded to new methods and not to give up too early!

Not having defined audiences.

Identify ideal customer target personas for your business, and execute planned marketing strategies against them. A number of brands believe going out to target a wide market is going to lead to success. But through clearly established customer personas, you can be specific enough to focus on the select number of people that will bring in most of the business’ revenue.

Having no clear marketing strategy in place

Brands should define their audiences, objectives, and goals, and have the tools and channels at their disposal to keep track of their progress. Businesses often enough invest in campaigns without having a clear structure or vision in place. So I question, how would you be able to measure its success if there is no clear marketing strategy or objective?

Defining the brand’s needs, identifying the right marketing channels and personas, and testing the marketing efforts brands make are the three key things that need to be consistently in the process.

I would love to help you grow and improve your marketing strategy to be a stronger business. Get in touch with me today to find out how I can help you.

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