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The Clubhouse Hacks You Need To Know

The guy that can turn you into a billionaire in five days.

Why do I have a party hat? 🎉

If you’re brand new to Clubhouse, then you don’t need to worry about explaining to people that you don’t have a fucking clue what you’re doing. Clubhouse has a great feature which puts a party hat on your profile picture, which lets the mods know that you’re in your first seven days and might be a bit nervous.

What's a Mod?

No, they're not the fashion-obsessed and hedonistic cult of the hyper-cool. Clubhouse makes its users the moderators of their own rooms, ultimately pushing the responsibility of managing the flow of the room onto them. There has been some controversy around moderators in recent days for running their rooms with an iron fist and an ego to match, but most are really lovely.

I keep hearing the word "stage", where is it?

Imagine that a Clubhouse room is a bit like watching a TED Talk. There’s an “audience” and the “stage”. If you’re not a moderator, you will automatically be pushed to the audience, but if you’d like to “raise your hand” you can press the little hand emoji, and if the speakers accept then you will be welcomed to the stage.

Why do people's microphones keep flickering?

Been wondering how to show appreciation, laughter or agreement with the speakers? Well if you’re on the stage you have the ability to turn your microphone off and on so that you can speak. A mic-clap is a way for people on the stage to get involved, and all you have to do is mute and unmute your mic really quickly to do it.

Top tip: If you've raised your hand and are moved from the audience to the stage, make sure you mute yourself when you get up there as your mic will automatically be turned on.

Potato, Tomato/Corridor, Hallway

Your main screen shows all the available rooms going on at the moment. No matter which one you call it, it's just the way to highlight the section of the app. There's no right or wrong as to whether you call it your corridor or your hallway - a lot of has mainly depended on which side of the pond you’re from.

I don't want FIVE QUICK STEPS TO MAKE $1,000,000

No doubt your corridor is filled with rooms of people telling you that you can become a billionaire in five days, or how to date a woman and not get caught. If you’re fed up of these crap brands clogging up your corridor then just swipe a room right and a “hide” button will pop up so you can tell them to DO ONE!

How do I ping people in?

Now, occasionally you’ll be in a room and the mods may ask you to ”ping people in”.

All that means is that they’re asking you to recommend the room to your friends who you think would benefit from hearing the conversation or who would make a great addition to the panel. To do this you just click on the plus button at the bottom of the screen and tap on your friends’ faces.

I'm not even on Clubhouse, how do I get in?

Clubhouse is one of those apps where it's not about what you know, but who you know. It's invite-only so you've got to know someone who's already on there.

Can't cope with the FOMO? Hop onto this link below and add your name to my Clubhouse invite waiting list.

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