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Halloween 2020: The Year We'll All Be Wearing The Same Bloody Mask

2020 can honestly just do one now... right?

Halloween has always been my favourite time of year, and not just because my birthday is only a few days before.

For me, it's always signalled the start of Christmas. Excitement, fun and frivolity were the order of the spooky day, but COVID has well and truly ruined it.

It got me thinking though.

Brands spend a significant amount of time planning their social media strategies and building content calendars for the year to ensure they are unique and stand out amongst the noise.

So what happens when all of a sudden the whole world is talking about the same thing?

Imagine Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook all turned up to a party wearing the same outfit - now that would be embarrassing.

But that's essentially what's happened during 2020. Creativity and individuality have gone for a nap, while every company's post is essentially a carbon copy of everyone else's.

"During these unprecedented times..."

"Business as usual..."

"When this is all over..."

If I have to see one more social media post littered with clichés I think I may throw myself into Poole Harbour.

So how can we stand out against our competitors?


As a copywriter, it's my job to make sure that businesses offer unique perspectives, personal opinions and most of all authenticity.

Don't be afraid to ruffle some feathers, start a conversation, take a risk or pose a question.

Or don't.

You do you.

Continue to be boring, bland and irrelevant.

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