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How To Grow Your LinkedIn Community

Updated: May 8, 2020

So, you've got a LinkedIn company page, but when you log in, it's kind of a ghost town. You need to build up your follower base.

Currently, there are more than 3 million Company pages on LinkedIn, and the number grows every day. The millions of LinkedIn users who follow these companies are current and potential customers, interested job applicants, business partners, and even curious industry watchers who want to hear the latest news, see the latest products and services, and reach out and interact with company leaders, managers, and employees.

So How Do You Make Sure You Stand Out From The Rest?

First, make sure people know you have a LinkedIn company page. They may like you on Facebook, but have zero awareness of your presence on LinkedIn. Depending on your situation, you can post a link on your other networks, add follow buttons to your company blog, or ask the link be included in company email signatures, even. You have options.

Second, keep an eye on your analytics. If there's a certain type of content that you post regularly that consistently underperforms, as in, no one cares... then stop posting it! People aren't going to share content they aren't engaging with.

Third, be consistent. This goes for any social media account, but if you're going to have a LinkedIn company page, keep it alive. People aren't going to be interested in following your company if there's no point, and by no point, I mean no updates.

And that plays into the fourth tip, which is don't drown people in updates, especially ones that are self serving. LinkedIn is a great place for all things professional, so be sure you're appealing to that angle -- what can you give followers that they can actually use?

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